Sights and Sounds from Steeple, North & Tackley


...and a few extras that will get thrown in from time to time!

Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis: A setting of the Evensong Canticles, written by Rector Marcus Green, to be sung at our evening services as we go back into our buildings in October 2020

CREDO: A setting of the Creed to go with our usual service setting, written by Rector Marcus Green, sung for the first time in Steeple Aston at Easter 2017

Thine Be The Glory

Recorded during the United Benefice Festival Service on June 29th, the choir sings an anthem by the Rector to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his ordination. Nick Cleobury is the organist. 


We have a new Communion setting, which I composed especially for us. One of our PCCs asked me if I would put it here on the website so that everyone could listen and learn it better. Here's the Gloria. Apologies - I'm struggling with a summer cold - but I hope this helps! 


The final part of our new Communion setting. It's the simplest moment, and draws from both the previous movements in its harmonies and its melody, without you really spotting it. I hope that, as we get to know it, it will just feel right. 

Sanctus and Benedictus

The Second part of our new Communion setting. It takes the opening theme of the Gloria, slows it down, and brings it back as the 'Hosanna' in this movement. Watch out - just as the 'Holy' is sung three times, I repeat the word 'Blessed' as well.