This is where you can see something of the range of activities we follow in our parishes. And if there's something missing - then perhaps you might feel free to join us and get it started!



The first question people have is - Can we get married here? We'll do our best to answer that for you! If you live here, have ever lived here, or have a good connection through family, the answer is yes. If not - still talk to us, we'll do what we can. A church wedding is a very special thing and carries many blessings and some extra responsibilities. Click the contact button now to find out more! 



A baptism is always a great family occasion, and we love to help families in our villages celebrate these times as we offer the promise of God's love. Baptism is a very important celebration in the Christian Church and always takes place during one of our main Sunday services, following preparation for families and godparents. Please contact the Rector for more details. 

Children's Church


We are aiming to provide more and more for families in our Sunday worship. Steeple and North Aston have the Family Service every month on the 2nd Sunday, and the 4th Sunday in Steeple Aston usually has Children's Church activities happening during the service as well. We are starting a Family Service at Tackley too - watch out on the "What's On" page for more details. We always have activity packs for children aged 2-13 ready and available in every church. If you'd like to help - please let us know!



We have very active towers in both Steeple Aston and Tackley, and we are always keen to find new memebrs to come and enjoy ringing with us. For further details, rehearsal times and

contact number, please click the details button



Music is an essential part of our congregational life. Worship is our highest calling, and we long to develop our musical traditions more and more. Our villages are blessed with some superb musicians and singers, but we are always keen to have more volunteers, and are ever on the lookout for organists and pianists and others to join us. The piano in Steeple is provided by Viridor for community use & is always available for concerts and village groups. Contact the Rector if you'd like to know more or click on the button for examples of 

some of our music!

Bible Study


Bible Study is a great way to learn about our faith in a relaxed, informal setting. A small group of us meet through the year on Monday afternoons at 2pm in the Rectory and usually focus on readings we have looked at during Sunday sermons - but in greater depth. All questions welcome! During Lent there is a Wednesday evening study group as well. 

Church Yards and Burials

Our churchyards are beautiful places lots of people treasure as they remember their loved ones. The Diocese of Oxford has guidelines to help you understand if you can be buried in a village churchyard - click here for more details. If you don't live in one of our villages, we are sorry but we probably can't help you with this kind of request: though we do hope you will still come and enjoy the peace and tranquility our churchyards offer all year round.