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St Mary the Virgin,

North Aston


St.Mary's is a small and beautiful church, tucked away down St Mary's Walk and not visible from the road through North Aston, but is well worth the detour.


The church is in very close proximity to North Aston Hall, the reasons for which are not known, although the origins may be monastic. The present building dates from the 14th century although a church has existed on the site since the mid 12th century.


An interesting interior feature is a beautiful alabaster effigy memorial of about 1485 depicting John and Alice Anne, the then owners of the manor. There are also graves of two civil war soldiers who died after a local skirmish in 1644.


The church features a nave that is broader than long, and a chancel which doubles the overall length of the building.


In a small village, we are a very active congregation. Right now we have a programme of works to restore the building, renew better access and create terrific community facilities. These all come from our heartfelt desire to serve our whole community with God's love.


We'd love you to join us - to be part of a story that has been happening here for hundreds of years, of people praying and serving, loving God and each other, and caring for everyone in North Aston.   


Services are usually on Sundays at 9.30am. Please come and worship with us!



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