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St Peter & St Paul, Steeple Aston

The church of Steeple Aston dates back to 1180 and beyond. In 1220, the name 'Steeple' was attached to the village Aston, so it seems a tower may have been added around then - though the one we have today comes from two hundred years later.

As with pretty much every medieval church, it has been seriously altered many times. The chancel was rebuilt after the Civil War. Most of the nave was totally re-designed in the early Victorian period - and that is what we see most of today.

We do have a local treasure, which is something we delight in: At some point during the High Middle Ages, an elaborately decorated cope was made for the church. The Steeple Aston cope is currently kept at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and occasionally features (as in 2017) in major exhibitions.

In 1513, the Bishop of Lincoln donated the living to Brasenose College, Oxford who remain the patrons until the present day. The most celebrated Rector of the parish was Dr Samuel Radcliffe, principle of Brasenose, and an ardent Laudian and Royalist during the Civil War. Dr Radcliffe established our village school and a supporting Trust, both of which continue to this day. 

As the only church in Steeple Aston, we exist for the whole Christian community here. Our pattern of worship aims to be varied, with prayer book communion, family services and Common Worship in the mix. We try to be a welcoming family church and - like the building - we've been added to by all sorts over the years, and would very much like you to be a part of this, whatever your story is too.

Services are usually on Sundays at 11am. Do come and join us.

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