Each of our three churches normally hosts services of worship every Sunday.

During the COVID-19 period, the Church of England has called for the suspension of Sunday congregational worship. Click here for more details. 

For the time being, we have also had to close our church buildings. So how do we remain connected as a worshipping community?


The rector is sending out regular emails to those on the parish email list to help us remain a community together. If you haven't yet received an email, do go to the contact page and ask to be included. 

Our website homepage features a new Worship at Home video each week as the focus of our Benefice worship life.

The Diocese of Oxford is providing further services by Livestream, especially during Holy Week. Please click here for more details. 

We also offer two short videos to help with Daily Morning and Night Prayer:

Morning Prayer

Night Prayer 

Sunday worship is suspended for the time being; we will return as soon as possible - 
But please do use our Worship at Home resource, our Morning & Evening Prayer videos, pray at home - and do phone others around the parishes to encourage one another, and especially to reach out to those who live alone or who are vulnerable.


This is where you can find details of extra events byond our usual Sunday Services.

Diary Updates
Church Building Projects
Steeple Aston

The Diocesan Advisory Committee on church buildings gave us a sort of amber light on the project nearly two years ago - and then we had some kick back from a couple of the national amenity societies that comment on historic buildings. That left us three basic options - 1. Do what the amenity societies want (essentially, not enough to make the building useful through the week) 2. Do what we had planned anyway (but we’d risk ending up in a long drawn out court battle to get the permissions we need, and all that would cost time and money) 3. Find a compromise that gives us enough to make it worth doing the project, while at the same time keeping the amenity societies happy. This is what we are currently working on …


Through it all, we started with six principles, and we are not letting go of them.

Access - we want anybody and everybody to have good and easy access to the whole church and across the churchyard. 

Better heating - a warm church shouldn’t be rocket science in this day and age, and if we can do something to introduce renewable energy, so much the better.

Toilets - whether you are young or old or somewhere in between, it’s perfectly reasonable to expect a public building to have decent toilet facilities. 

Hospitality - we want simple hospitality facilities so we can foster fellowship after church, put on decent concert interval drinks, host a small cafe midweek. A church is about loving God and caring for people; hospitality somewhere near the centre of church life.

Children - we need a specific space for our children’s church within our own building so that children know they matter here. 

Flexible space - much loved as our victorian pews are, the lives of people in our village today matter more. We want space so we can worship in different ways, have more concerts, welcome the school regularly, find a place where the PCC can meet or watch a midweek cafe thrive. Maybe Sustainable Steeple might make use of the building; maybe we’ll have a Heritage Corner with a permanent display about the Steeple Aston Cope bringing visitors to the village.


We hope to work with the amenity societies and reach agreement on our new plans before long. And when we do - there’ll be an exhibition so everyone can see. And then we will be able to really get moving…

We do need your help, so if you would like to donate to our project in Steeple Aston, please send a cheque made payable to "Steeple Aston Church"  to The Steeple Aston Church Fund, c/o The Rectory, Fir Lane, Steeple Aston, OX25 4SF.
North Aston
One project has become three. St Mary's For Everyone is our over-all heading, with three separate aims:
1. To renovate the windows in the Anne Chapel, so our building is sound
2. To renovate the lichgate and put in a new, step-free path so that access is easy for everyone from car park to church door
3. To introduce a new servery and toilet into the church, bringing facilities which will enable the church building to be better used by the whole community - from Sunday worship and concerts through to midweek groups. Also, we are improving some liturgical furniture at the same time. 
We are very grateful to all those funding bodies and to everyone locally who helped us reach our first target and successfully complete the renovation of the windows! It has been wonderful to achieve this goal. Now we progress to the second part.


If you would like to donate to the North Aston projects, then please send a cheque made payable to "St Mary's North Aston" to St Mary's For Everyone, c/o The Rectory, Fir Lane, Steeple Aston OX25 4SF. 


During the Corona Virus outbreak, public worship has been suspended and sadly we have had to close our church buildings for the time being. 

The buildings may be closed - but the Church itself is open. God is always with us, and His people never stop caring and loving, and trusting that the One who gave Himself for us stands with us whenever we call upon Him.

So please be aware that some in our villages may be unwell, and some will choose to self-isolate; everyone is very precious to God and to all of us. Why not ring a neighbour and chat on the phone? Check that people you know are OK. See if there's anything you can do - being very careful not to impose on anyone, and being very sensitive about washing hands and using every possible precaution.  

For the time being, weekly 'Worship At Home' videos will be posted on our website homepage so that we can all continue to feel connected as we worship.

If you don't feel well - stay at home. Follow the government health guidelines we are all following. And let the rector or the churchwardens know, so we can make sure you are prayed for.

Village Life

Steeple and Tackley have their own websites with details of all sorts of community activities. North has an excellent and informative Wikipedia page. Click the relevant box for details. 

United Benefice Services:

These joint services usually happen around four times a year.

Our final service together for 2019 will be on the final Sunday of 2019 - a time to come together and thank God for all his blessings through the last year and to pray for his peace and joy in the year ahead as we give thanks for Christmas together. 

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