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Salvation's Songs: Lent Course 2017

This year we take time with some of the ideas, feelings and emotions of Lent and Holy Week as we prepare for Easter. Our annual Lent Course will take place on Thursday evenings at Tackley Methodist Church, starting at 8pm on March 9th. Speakers will include Marcus Green, Richard Bailey, Robin Gibbons, Jan Grimwood and Alison Mares.

Abandonment, Service, Longing, Strength and Fear take us deep into Jesus’ journey to Calvary and ask us to look within our own hearts as we gaze at His.

Lent is one of the Church’s penitential seasons, a time for being serious - serious about where we are with God. There are things to let go of, and things to take hold of. Things to leave behind and things to take up. This is a serious journey; but not a journey we make alone.

Our companions along the way this year are songs and pieces of music which will help us take time reflecting on Christ’s presence so that even in darkness we might find light. And these songs criss-cross the whole of our human lives as we follow the master. So Tony Bennett sits with Rimsky-Korsakov, Graham Kendrick with Lily Allen, John Rutter with Bob Dylan. Pop songs jostle with hymns, instrumentals with vocals, English and Latin are spoken here. We are invited to open our ears and our hearts as well as our minds as we listen -

And along the way, perhaps we hear afresh Salvation’s Songs.

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