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Our New Rector Writes

Thank you to everyone who came and helped make my licensing and installation service so special and memorable. To be supported by so many people, villagers from across the group, local clergy and several friends from the Wychert Vale group, was fantastic. As Bishop Gavin said in his address, our life and faith are journeys which we travel along, which at times can be hard and at other times seems easy. Christ walks with us throughout our life, even when we don’t see him, he is walking alongside us (or as in the mediation 'Footprint’s' says, carrying us when things are difficult). My physical journey here, as James McNamara DL said in his welcome has included many stops along the way, including Buckinghamshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire. It has also had many emotional twists and turns, high and lows. Knowing that Christ has held me, holds each one of us, is an enormous comfort, and has been the solid ground beneath my feet.

Thank you again for your lovely welcome both at the service and the reception afterwards, which was a wonderful opportunity to meet people. I look forward to getting to know everyone more fully over time, and working together to share God’s love.

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