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Advent Crib Scenes

In 2020, many of you contributed to a daily post to showcase the incredible variety of Crib Scenes that we all have between us.

As we begin the 2023 journey towards Christmas Day, this is an opportunity to see them all again in a single Blog Post.

This Crib comes from Steeple Aston Church.

This beautiful, homely set comes from North Aston church.

We're grateful to Richard MacAndrew & Cathy Lawday in Steeple for this olive wood set, which belonged to Cathy's mother, and comes from the Holy Land.

Revd Clare Hayns, chaplain at Christ Church, sends us this beautiful crib tableau: Mary & Joseph make their way to the stable, with wise men travelling from the East, and shepherds still watching their flocks.

A lovely traditional set from Isabella & David Cleaver in Steeple Aston - on a table made by David's father as a schoolboy in the 1930s!

A very ornate set from North Aston.

Here's a delightfully different crib from Robert & Janet Maybank in Tackley. It's originally from Zambia.

A knitted crib scene - this time from Dawn Chambers in Tackley. The infant Jesus seems very alert and cheerful!

Thanks to Martin & Ruth Dale in Steeple Aston - tree and star and lambs and all. Lovely.

We thank Tricia, a friend of our Benefice from Derbyshire, for this delightfully colourful scene!

A crib from Canon Robin: this one in terra cotta.

From Tackley church, Canon Robin's wonderfully expressive set.

Another view of the North Aston set.

A stone crib relief from Marcus, surrounded by candles - rather atmospheric this one!

From Marcus.

From Marcus.

Canon Robin Gibbons in Tackley brings us his Norwegian Crib.

A miniature German crib from Sue Lygo in Tackley. Match that!

From David & Jane Stewart in Steeple Aston. Simple and rustic and rather beautiful.

Here is a knitted crib - made by Jane Stewart's much-missed mum Margaret in around 1985.

This Crib comes from Eileen Baglin-Jones in Steeple Aston, who says she was given this by a dear friend and colleague, Freda, some 35 years ago. Thank you!

From Jeanette Cotterill from Steeple Aston!

Here's a crib from Mary White in Steeple Aston.

From Marcus.

Janet & Robert Maybank from Tackley sent this picture. The whole crib is itself an Advent calendar, with every piece numbered so it gradually assembles through December up till Christmas Day!

A delightfully rustic crib from Jane Durnin in North Aston. Lovely animals - and the very curious bird on top of the stable!


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