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Tackley Building Project Update June 2018

Work began at 54 Nethercote Road at Easter.

Our plan to develop the site of Bob Clow's bungalow into a terrace of three stone cottages is now becoming a reality. Our architect, Leap Design, and our contractor, Edgar Taylor Ltd, are working together to turn Bob's generosity into the gift that keeps giving.

There have been a couple of early stumbling blocks, which have put the project a little behind schedule - but still very much within budget and with an end date of early December in view.

We hope to have packs of information on the new houses available during the summer so that potential buyers for the two houses we are selling can begin to look at what we are offering, and anyone who wishes to rent the third will have a chance to see what that might look like too.

We are very grateful to the contractor for the excellent way they have been working on site, and for all our neighbours for the generosity they have shown as the construction happens so close to them.

More news to come soon!

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