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Churchyard Communions

Our Summer of worshipping in the open air is almost over...

And the verdict is - though we were forced to do it, actually, being outside is a blessing! Sure, we'd love to be singing too, but sitting in the sun and worshipping together in our churchyards through July, August and September has been a wonderful blessing. We'll do it again!

Some snap shots of our congregations show some of the unusual things about worship in these days - from face coverings to bringing our own chairs ! And dealing with and blowing everything away...

Harvest will be outside too, but our summer communions are done. On October 4th we go back in - for Evensong at Tackley - and hopefully stay inside as the autumn goes on. But let's see what happens! God is good, and these times have been a genuine blessing.

And there's always Worship at Home, which keeps going no matter what!


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