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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from all three of our parishes!

It was amazing to wake up and find the sun shining, the sky bright blue, and the day filled with joy and hope on this of all Easter Sundays.

North Aston and Tackley held short services in their churchyards, lighting the Easter candle, announcing that Christ is risen and listening to the Easter Gospel before praying together. Both saw wonderful gatherings of people from the villages gather together and enjoy a terrific start to the day.

Then at Steeple Aston people from across the three villages gathered for a Benefice Easter Communion in the churchyard there. Again, the weather was stunning and the morning was made complete when we all finished by singing together "Thine Be The Glory".

Thanks to our bellringers and wardens and readers and all who helped organise today's services. And if you didn't make it - enjoy the photos, and do search out our online Easter Worship at Home!


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