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A New Bell

A wonderful group of bellringers and friends gathered at Steeple Aston Church today to help with and witness the raising of the new third bell.

Tower Captain and Church Warden Graham Clifton has overseen the whole process, obtaining the bell for us as well as managing the installation.

Originally this bell was cast in 1690, then recast in 1929 for Ledbury Parish Church. They are having some new bells installed, and we have had this bell retuned to match our peal. It greatly improves on the sound of our previous third, and will be an enormous help especially to learners and novices.

The rector read from Psalm 33 and prayed a blessing as everyone gathered at the foot of the tower, and then the bell began its journey to its new position in our tower.

Many thanks to all who have given and helped and made this project such a success. We look forward to hearing the new bell sound out over the village for many years to come.


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