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Re-opening Church Buildings

The government announced on June 6th that church buildings may re-open for private prayer from June 15th.

In our Benefice, we are following advice from the Diocese of Oxford and ensuring that all our church buildings are prepared, cleaned, ready and safe before we re-open any of them. It is our intention that we will open during the daytime on Saturdays from July 11th, with volunteers staffing each location and welcoming those who wish to take time and pray quietly within our beautiful medieval buildings.

Throughout this COVID19 period, the buildings may have been closed, but the church has been open - and as a community of faith (whether alone or connected by phone or web, through letters or meeting over garden fences) we have never stopped praying, caring, serving and worshiping in all sorts of ways. We will continue to do all these things!

And when it is safe for all, we will gather together for worship as God's family in this place again.

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