Bach & St John

A highlight of our Easter celebrations will be the event at North Aston on April 4th, Easter Eve. As part of the launch of the new Hauptwerk/Magnus Britannia organ there, we are holding an evening entitled "Bach & St John". It promises to be an amazing occasion. Our rector, Marcus Green, will read the second half of St John's Gospel (Lazarus to the Resurrection, with one or two bits missed out), and Tackley organist and university professor Peter Read will intersperse the readings with pieces of organ music by JS Bach. Marcus says: "In my previous parish we did something similar with Romans & Bach, and it was more beautiful than we ever expected; but I think this will even surpass that!" The

Recent Sermons

The rector has responded to questions about his sermon from Sunday February 22nd, Lent 1, and it is now written up on his personal blog site, SalvationsSongs. If you'd like to read it, do click here and have a look. A version of his sermon from the week before on 2 Kings 2 and Elijah and Elisha's journey can also be found here. Marcus has received several requests for copies of his talks, and has agreed that from time to time he will make them available for everyone to look back at. These two are a start!

Tackley Path

Work has begun on the new access path at St Nicholas Tackley. Local contractor Charles Hoare, and Steeple architect David Stewart are helping us create a new way in to our wonderful church in Tackley - a way that will help all those who struggle with the steps we have always had. It starts just inside the Lychgate, and ends with a platform level with the North door of the church. There will be an inscription on the floor as people arrive at the church, a line from a hymn: "Visit us with thy salvation". We hope people will see this both as a prayer that God will bless everyone who enters into our place of worship, and also as an invitation that everyone who comes and joins us should bring the

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